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Mizuno Equipment

Length- The ability of the golfer to strike the ball consistently on the sweet spot is the determining factor when deciding on the desired club length.

Shaft- Shaft flex can affect distance, ball flight, trajectory and feel. Club head speed and tempo are key measurements  

Lie Angle-Lie Angle influences both the set up position and how the ground affects the angle of the club face thought impact.  

Loft-Ball trajectory is the primary influence of loft.

Grip-Small or Large hands and grip size are not the only determining factor for grip size.  

Teaching Professional, Philip Cole is an authorized Mizuno fitter. There have been some misnomers when it comes to Custom Fitting. Some say they are not good enough for custom fit clubs. The truth is that you probably aren’t as good as you can be without them. Custom Fitting is designed to maximize the performance and enhance the enjoyment of your golf equipment. Matching the ideal equipment with each player is our goal and the Mizuno Custom Fitting Program is the ultimate in personalization.

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Please call to schedule a fitting or for pricing on our equipment. 
Tampa Golf Range and Learning Center offers a full line of Mizuno products to fit your every golfing need.

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